Bodyguard 4: Tomorrow’s God of War Lanli

20211:25 m,

In the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. Fujian, the pirates of unknown nationality and the red-haired remnants were aliens. With tolerance and support, they colluded with each other on the southeast coast, took advantage of fire, robbed merchant ships at sea, or harassed the people on board. the beach. The film focuses on the fact that during the Kangxi period, General Lan Li in his youth worked hard, trained hard, fought pirates bravely, and surrendered to the feudal clan. And he would become a famous general in Qing history and won the "sea and the god of land war", "first platform", "bronze pillars and sea borders, famous for iron clothing", "courageous and simple, unprecedented" and other praises, has laid a solid foundation in life. And exciting content rich with cultural connotations of southern Fujian. It inhabits customs and charms, reflects patriotism and inspiration for the Chinese nation, and combats foreign insults.

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