"Meet Your Voice" is a nighttime radio show. Recently, the host has been frequently changed. Lin Jiajia of the Music Department was transferred to him. On the day of his new appointment, he received a call from an emotional and incoherent listener who spoke incoherently. The audience suddenly hung up the phone. Lin Jiajia didn't care and continued to host, but Chen He, the emotional columnist of the magazine, who listened to the program, sensitively noticed that the audience might self-harm with his psychological knowledge. Chen He told the editor-in-chief Lin Miao that Lin Miao and the director of this show, Su Heng, are good friends. They contacted him and rushed to the location revealed by the audience in the show, and sent them to the hospital in time for the overdose of sleeping pills. Lin Miao knew that Chen He had always dreamed of being a host. She taught psychology by herself, so this time she could find the problem in time. Lin Miao knew that Wu Miao, the previous host of this program, would not be back a month due to maternity leave. In order to help Chen He realize his dream, she suggested to Su Heng that Chen He should be the anchor of the contemporary class.

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